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- input formats
- outut formats
- styles
- watermarks
- cropping
- rotate
- rename
- video support
- on-fly preview
- cool interface
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If you need to place your watermark on thumbnails you're welcome to use new "Watermarks" feature in Media Resizer Pro.

This feature is a must-have for everyone who deals with copyrighted pictures.

  • You're photographer and you upload to web your own pictures? Add your copyright symbol to it!
  • Your company publish any digital content? Place your company logo on it!
  • You sell goods on-line? Add your logotype to all your pictures of goods and your customers will know where to buy it only by seeing picture of it!
  • You had cool party yesterday and took a lot of pictures? Send them to your friends with your signature!
  • And so on and so far...
opacity changed
bumped watermark

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• styles

Media Resizer PRO allows to create advanced thumbnails with cool styles. For example: see what we can get from these 3 images!

Click to see  full size image...
Click to see  full size image...
Click to see  full size image...
Here are results after processing with Media Resizer Pro:
shape aplied
soft border

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With Media Resizer you're able to crop original pictures:

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• rotate

Media Resizer allows to rotate thumbnails.

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• rename

Auto-rename feature allows to rename thumbnails using powerful templates-based system.Template may contain ? for digits and % for source file name. You may specify how many zeros ? should contain and number to start from.

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video support

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• input formats

Image formats:

Video formats: (Note: Unique feature!!!)

  • Video for Windows(*.avi)
  • MPEG Video File Format (*.mpg, *.mpeg)

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• output formats

Media Resizer supports 5 output formats:

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