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"...BTW, you have a very good product. I've tried other softwares for resizing but yours is the easiest and the best....."

Ning de Guzman


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April 8, 2004
For Immediate Release
New release of Media Resizer PRO 2.18

Expect more from your batch image processor!

Media Resizer PRO is a handy batch image processor for web professionals. It lets you quickly change size your images regardless of the quantity of pictures. The program features context menu integration, smart cropping, watermarks, advanced thumbnail styles, fast resizing, rotating, and easy format conversion with real-time preview of file size and quality. Media Resizer PRO even features an ability to create video thumbnails!

Media Resizer PRO is very user friendly and comes with a simple, eye-pleasing, intuitive interface. The program is intended for people who frequently work with digital images – photographers, editors, designers, webmasters and other professionals. Media Resizer PRO is specially integrated with the Web to give you a quick and easy way to place you images on your website. You are sure to appreciate how simple it is to create cool thumbnails with Media Resizer PRO.

Another advantage of Media Resizer PRO is that it fully automates routine procedures that usually take up a lot of time. Here is what a reviewer from LockerGnome, one of the most authoritative industry publications, had to say about program’s cropping feature:
"...Cropping images can be time consuming, especially in cases when you only want to keep the portion of your image with your main subject in it. This app literally cuts that time by automatically cropping images, in batches, based on your pre-defined proportions..."

Besides image manipulations, Media Resizer PRO features automatic file renaming according to user-defined templates, support for all major image formats - Windows Bitmaps (*.bmp), Jpeg (*.jpg; *.jpeg), Adobe Photoshop (*.psd), TGA (*.tga), PNG (*.png), PCX (*.pcx), TIFF (*.tif; *.tif), GIF (*.gif), video support, “on the fly” preview, ability to make images larger, and web galleries support.

The program is distributed electronically over the Internet. Free 15-day trial version is available at http://www.mediaresizer.com/. Retail price of a single copy is only $79, volume buyers and software resellers should inquire about special prices.

If you have additional questions, would like request editor’s copy or have a business proposal, please contact Anton Baranchuk at anton@sibental.com




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