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"...BTW, you have a very good product. I've tried other softwares for resizing but yours is the easiest and the best....."

Ning de Guzman



...The quality of output, ease of use, and user control over just about everything sets Media Resizer Thumbnail Creator apart in the sphere of thumbnail creators. Even though it opens a detailed online tutorial after the installation ends, the program distributes plenty of information as tool tips on the buttons. The software barely needs the main menu, since you can figure everything out from the buttons. The program always asks you where to put completed files and performs its tasks in a matter of seconds. You can add a couple of words before or after the original name and specify the size of a thumbnail, its format, and other features. You can even create thumbnails for video files. Anyone creating a Web site could benefit from Media Resizer Thumbnail Creator...
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CNet Editor


...Cropping images can be time consuming, especially in cases when you only want to keep the portion of your image with your main subject in it. This app literally cuts that time by automatically cropping images, in batches, based on your pre-defined proportions....
...While there are many apps that will crop images available, this one does it in a friendly environment that allows for quickly previewing your edits before they happen...
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LockerGnome Editor


...A unique feature allows to to create thumbnail images for video files as well, the preview window allows you to select the frame that will be used for the thumbnail image. Additional features include cropping, case conversion and smart resizing. Attractive and easy to use...
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WebAttack Editor

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